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Blood Buster Blood & Stain Remover Review

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There are a number of different cleaning techniques that can be used for removing blood stains especially if they are fresh, that is to say while the blood is still wet on your garments or carpets etc. I have included some of these methods in this article. Typically, however, problems really arise once the blood has dried, at this point a special cleaning solution is your best bet. As someone who has suffered with regular nose bleed in the past I can say from experience that I have had to clean blood stains from almost every imaginable surface and material. It wasn’t always necessary to use the blood buster spray in every case but I found it invaluable in many cases. In particular clothes of all descriptions, carpets fibers and upholstery where all surfaces where Blood Buster came to my aid.

I agree with the other Blood Buster reviews on Amazon. Some stains take more than one application and in certain instances the blood stains are not 100% removed, but they are cleaned to a satisfactory level and I can certainly say that once I bought this product I never had to throw away any stained item. The 4 oz version is a handy size to carry around with you or if you only have to deal with a stain very occasionally.

This product will break down any enzyme based stain so id also effective on vomit, urine (yuck) stains as well as wine and coffee so there is an incentive to buy one of the larger sized sprays to have around the house. When it comes to dried blood stain removal this product has been a real help and a no brainer given its low price. This is my preferred solution but I would also recommend the Carbona Stain Devil for Blood but this is a more expensive option when buying from Amazon as they sell them in packs of six which, for most households, is more than you will need and the shipping prices are a little steep.

Welcome to Blood Stain Remover

Welcome to Blood Stain your one stop research website for hints and tips on removing blood stains from your home and other possessions. Assuming you aren’t an axe wielding maniac (!) then this is the right place for you to learn about what works great on blood stains, including how to make your own diy blood stain removal solution.

We will also look at how to remove blood stains using commercial blood stain removal products that you can buy cheaply and easily from shopping sites like Amazon.

When I was younger I went through a phase where I was having nose bleeds almost every other day, delightful I know, and so cleaning blood stains from my clothes, carpets and upholstery became a daily chore. It was only through trial and quite a bit of error that I started to find solutions to the problem and this was the motivating factor behind the creation of this site. I’m please to say that these nose bleeds are now a thing of the past, but I imagine, for those of you who are suffering something similar, you could use a little help.

The science behind removing blood stains is a little confusing if, like me, biology and chemistry was never your strong suit, but from what I can gather this is what you need to understand. Your blood contains a protein called Hemoglobin and it is this protein that helps carry oxygen around your body and gives it a red color. Furthermore, these protein cells contain iron and it is this iron in your blood that, when reacting with oxygen outside the body turns the blood a darker red.

As soon as blood leaves the body and ends up on your favorite shirt its starts to congeal and as the particles break down so the iron binds itself to the fibers of your shirt and causes the dark stain. As fascinating as this process may be, the upshot is that the sooner you tackle the stain before the blood dries, the better. Even more importantly you should never use warm or hot water to tackle the stain as that will only speed up the process of breaking down the blood particles and accelerate the creation of the stain. As you will read in other parts of this site there are a number of chemical solutions that can help tackle the staining but if you can blot the stain immediately with cold water you may not have to do anything further.

Whether you are quick enough to deal with the blood immediately, or are dealing with it at a later point, you still need to bear in mind that dabbing at the stain, rather than rubbing at it, is the way forward. Rubbing will, again, just accelerate the breaking down of the particles while ingraining them and spreading them further into any materials. Once old blood stains have gotten ingrained and dried out very few blood stain removers will be able to help you.
Whichever of the blood stain removing processes you are using try, if possible, to experiment on a part of the stain that is less conspicuous, that way if the technique you are using is not successful you will not have messed up the whole garment or piece of carpet. I appreciate that this will not always be an option.

If you can’t remove a blood stain using a specialized product or if you don’t get to it immediately with cold water then there are some other quirky methods you might try. These other blood stain removal techniques may or may not work but follow similar principles to others described and, as mentioned, when considering a blood stain remover, speed is of the essence.